Our company has grown from the idea that

highly effective education should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

We never want price or location to be a barrier for participation in our programs. 

Learning literacy is our base concept that we use to build better learning and better performance. 

 The Boost Institute's instructors have post secondary education and real world experience that makes them true leaders in education and consultation for performance enhancement. They are passionate about helping people first and always put service at the centre of what they do. 

We are constantly utilizing the newest research from the fields of human physiology, psychology, and education in order to deliver an educational product that holds up against any other.

Our programming is constantly changing to keep up with best practices and new findings. 

Ken King

Owner and Lead Instructor

Ken has a background that includes a decade of experience in university sport and education. He has a degree in Physical and Health Education and is currently studying Performance Psychology, and is a graduate of Seth Godin's altMBA. He's an active basketball coach, currently an active coach of university basketball in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Ken has an array of experience in teaching and consulting that is included but not limited to training teachers, healthcare professionals and large corporations how to understand their mind and body in order to improve their daily performance. 

Ken's Teaching and Coaching Philosophy:

"Bring realness and high standards together to put the learner at the centre so that they feel genuine connection, passion, and accomplishment".

We put the person we are training at the centre of everything. Igniting their desire to learn first, then building their knowledge of how to improve themselves in all parts of life.


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