Our company has grown from the idea that highly effective education and development should be effective, accessible, and affordable for everyone. We never want price or location to be a barrier for participation in our programs. We are a proud part of Boost Innovation Inc, and are excited to help Boost Tech build their software projects GRW and FLW that take cultural science in business and sport into the data and tech world. 


We intimately know our DNA Sequencing and Growth Equation as they were created with experts and science as a foundation. They provides us with meaningful data that proves that they work and create positive change. 


The Boost Institute's analysts and instructors have post secondary education and real world experience that makes them true leaders in education and consultation for performance enhancement. They are passionate about helping people first and always put service at the centre of what they do. 


We are constantly utilizing the newest research from the fields of human physiology, performance, psychology, and education in order to deliver services and products that hold up against any other. Our programming is constantly changing to keep up with best practices and new findings and we commit to always be science based, data driven, and artistically delivered.




Ken King

Founder & CEO


Jordi Vigna

Director of Operations


Alexis Garcia

Director of The Boost Institute


Andrea Avila

Marketing Manager

Fixing a Computer

Bogdan Motoc

Director of Technology

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Aanika Aery

Director of The Boost Institute India


Melany Coopmans Vizithum

Behavioural Psychotherapy Partner