Boosting Long Term
Body and Mind Wellness
A collaborative service from The Boost Institute and Revival Therapeutics & Performance

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Long term

physical benefits

Internal tools for 

sport and beyond

Resources to improve

training plans & practice

Course Overview


This course is designed to provide a one stop improvement for sports teams to ensure that they are doing everything they can in order to keep their minds and bodies healthy over time. 

All participants will split their time between:

  • Boost Institute: Online learning about how to use their emotions and thoughts to learn more, learn effectively, and grow over time

  • Revival: Online education for injury prevention strategies to increase longevity in sport. In person assessment and correction of individual movement patterns to reduce the risk of injury and increase overall performance. 



Revival Client

Treatment at Revival was a level up compared to any other treatment I have received.


Revival Client

In a few short appointments, she was able to explain to me why I was suffering and she helped me to get back onto my feet doing the sports and activities I love.


NCAA Athlete

I found the training with my team to be really impactful, but when I signed up for 1on1 mentoring with Ken it wook my game to another level.


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