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Online Certificate in High Performance Coaching & Leadership
Sat, Mar 28
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Mar 28, 2:00 PM – Apr 04, 2:00 PM
Content Delivered Online
This course is designed to train the coach/instructor in tools and strategies that will help them to plan more efficient practices, produce more cerebral athletes, and have more elite performance outcomes for the individuals/teams that they work with.
Online Certificate in Engaging and Unique Curriculum Delivery
Sun, Apr 05
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Apr 05, 2:30 PM MDT
Content Delivered Online
We will discuss the application of The Boost Institute’s “3 E’s” of learning, and how to start to add it into in person and online curriculum development. If you want to be different, better, and unique for your students than this course is for you.

We put the person we are training at the centre of everything. Igniting their desire to learn first, then building their knowledge of how to improve themselves in all parts of life.


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