1. Must be 17 or under.

2. Must live in eligible location.

(Currently only Red Deer, AB)

3. Must demonstrate financial need which will be requested if application is approved. 


  1. Must meet attendance requirement throughout the yea

  2. Must check in with assigned mentor once a month.  

  3. Must bring a high level of effort, positive energy, and positive attitude. 

  4. *Failure to meet conditions will result in loss of funding.


  1. Write short (min.500 word) essay on why this youth should receive financial support and mentorship by discussing personal and financial challenges AND why you believe in them.

  2. Fill out application and paste essay into the form. 

  3. Be prepared to demonstrate financial need on youth's behalf if application is approved. 

We put the person we are training at the centre of everything. Igniting their desire to learn first, then building their knowledge of how to improve themselves in all parts of life.

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