10th Lesson: Spectrum Solution

Brené Brown taught that when something is reduced to all or nothing, black or white, my way or yours...that everyone loses.

There's a full spectrum we need to see.

When we don't acknowledge the fact that one of two options is never the right choice, we pigeon-hole ourselves into an all or nothing situation that nobody can win.

If we want to be better; if we want to be more than we are right this second; then we need to find a way to see the full spectrum.

We need to listen.

We can't assume that what we know, what we comprehend, and what we understand and what we've experience is the right way and the other way is the wrong way.

In our businesses.

In our teams.

In our relationships.

We have to learn to learn.

We have to learn to grow.

We have to want more than just one or the other.

The solution is not in the two sides.

The solution might be in the spectrum.



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