15th Lesson: Growth Literacy--Fundamental Learning Skills (FLS)

By now many are familiar with fundamental movement skills as a key piece for lifelong physical activity and health. If you don't know these don't hesitate to check out the links below:

Canadian Sport For Life's Long Term Athlete Development Model

Fundamental Movement Skill Outline from Canadian Sport For Life

Now, if we have a need for more fundamental skills in movement, it only seems to make sense that we also have some gaps in our fundamental skills to learn and grow at higher rates.

Check out what we call the FUNDAMENTAL LEARNING SKILLS below. They are all formatted to fall under three controllable categories. This is because when it comes to learning; focusing on controllable factors is, in itself, a fundamental growth skill.


1)Culture Controllables

Pieces of our "every day" world, how we think and how we act that change learning capability.

2)Feedback Controllables

How we respond to learning opportunities, what kind of nudges we give.

3)Communication Controllables

What do we say, when we say it, what kind of questions we ask, how we say it.

When we coach people we break these down into specifics that build (and in many cases re-build) capability to learn and grow in your environment after not needing them for a long time.

Don't kid yourself...just as many of us cannot properly throw, catch, skip, or jump; many of us cannot effectively respond to feedback, make errors, or communicate with learners, peers, and instructors.

We must train them all to enhance overall performance and growth.

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