17th Lesson: Find the "Rub"

**This lesson features input from our friend Joel who is a teacher in Colorado**

What do two sticks thatre rubbed together do? Create friction, cause heat, ignite a flame.

So where's the rub in your life?

You and a family member?


Friends who don't see eye to eye?

Teammates who don't get along in relation to the common goal?

So often we run from it, we avoid it.

We deflect it and offload it with distractions:





-Being macho

-Getting mad about seemingly random things

-Saying nothing at all

-And more...

Ever thought about how important that rub may be??

We need the rub.

We need to find the rub.

Once we find it and we address it, then we can ignite a flame that burns brighter than anything we thought previously.

So don't hide from rubs.

Don't hide from things that cause friction.

They will find you anyway.

Chase them. Use them. Ignite them.

If you do, you'll be constantly gaining ground toward your goals and learning more along the way.


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