Black Friday Mentality

Have you ever wanted something just because it seems like the moment will never come again?

Think about the television that is really affordable for a limited time only. It's on sale for an insanely low price right now and it really feels like you have to take advantage of this moment in order to be happy.

We do this to ourselves all the time where it feels like this moment is a time we have to be great. We have to nail a presentation, make a clutch shot, impress someone, or just generally "win" the moment.**

But it's just one moment and, before long, there will be another moment, and then another, and then another.

Far too often we get really tied up in the perceived gravity of the moment and don't focus on just appreciating it and being fully engaged in it. Before we know it the moment will have passed and we will have been so focused on "winning" that we will have "lost" and missed all the great parts.

Avoiding Black Friday Mentality

When we focus on our breathing, our physical body builds a mental capacity to perform better. When we prepare to perform better by preparing our body, focusing on controllables allows us to reduce anxiety, and accomplish more in the things that mean the most to us.

By practicing and implementing these things we are fully in the moment, and fully capable of doing the best in that moment. We avoid wasting time on the perceived weight of the moment, and we are much more prepared for the next moment as well.

Because, just like the reality that the television that's on sale now will definitely be on sale again in a few months, this moment that may seem big right now will eventually be followed by another one that seems large at that moment too.

What matters is that we prepare our body and our mind for each moment and be present in those moments, so that we have the capacity to truly enjoy them AND perform better in them.


**This is not to disparage any of the work of people like John Carpenter who are doing excellent work in multiple areas and I really respect for.

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