The Biggest Economic Recovery Mistake and The Human Bubble

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

There is no economic recovery that doesn't rely on human recovery.

Our data is showing that there is an immense amount of grief in the people that our economy is built on.

Do you remember when the .com bubble burst?

What about the housing bubble?

Well...this is the HUMAN BUBBLE, and most of us are missing it. 86% of our respondents have shown some level of grief associated with their workplace. This may seem like a normal number during a pandemic but the majority of these numbers are associated with a false appreciation for having work. Mark the following words:

"The human aspect of our economy will only be realized by those who don't survive their mistakes."

-Ken King

The grief that we are seeing in employees is the equivalent of the bubbles that we have seen in dot com and real estate.

One day, we will wake up and know that the impact of the COVID19 pandemic has had on the balance of world, local, and individual economics was underestimated.

Those that invest in people, culture, and growth now, will be the ones that exist in ten years.


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