Day to Day Fear Based Culture: An Essay On Millennials

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Fear based culture isn't from lack of caring.

D2DFBC:Day to day fear based culture.

Maybe you were growing up between 1939 and 1991, or your parents were.

Between the start of WWII and the collapse of the Soviet Union, fear was a great motivator to perform. It had to be.

Don't confuse this with a lack of respect. Most of us couldn't do what those that lived through this did. We know that.

But scaring into performance is no longer synonymous with caring into performance. 

So...does this same tactic work to produce performance today? The age old:

"this is how it's alway's been" 

doesn't work anymore: 

Scaring people into showing up to work, to working harder, or to caring doesn't actually create better performance. 

What does working in fear of policy violations, being offensive, being wrong, making mistakes, looking silly actually create today?

In the short term it might produce better performance, but in the long term it will produce drop out, anxiety, depression, worse performance, and fear. 

So ask yourself...does fear create what you want it to?

Doesn't the fact that your supervisor cares deeply about you make you more likely to produce good things?

Good things come from caring. 

Loving people into creating, wanting more, and feeling safe will create things we could never even imagine. 

Give us love.

Give us caring.

Watch us THRIVE

Thanks Brock.


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