Have More Days Like Your First Day Of School

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

How ironic it is to work in a field that I teach about always trying to grow and learn and using your fear...and yet here I am launching a blog and website with butterflies. 

It really is like that first day of school each year. As an instructor or student there is always some of that nervous excitement. Where does that go? Why don't we chase that feeling more? We anticipate the first day of school for months...with young children often saying they will miss school and can't wait to go back. What a tragedy it is that somewhere along the way we start to, not only dread school, but the majority of us never find a feeling quite like that one again in our lives.

Or maybe my feeling about this first post and this new endeavour isn't that ironic at all? I mean, it's a physiologically normal feeling rooted in my amygdala that is going to come up in this situation that is totally new for me and many more in my life. 

One of the foundational principles that everything we do at Performance Connection is built off of is the concept that:

"Your brain cannot comprehend what it cannot comprehend." 

**In a perfect example of vulnerability and self doubt I can't help but think I made that up because it sounds so good. If I didn't, I at least can't find where I stole it from and I've been saying it for awhile now. If you manage to figure it out please let me know so I can source it to the rightful owner. **

This concept is super important because it really embodies the truth about learning, fear, and why we don't do it better. It builds on the fact that we can't USE neural pathways until we CREATE neural pathways and we can't CREATE new pathways until we EXPERIENCE new and sometimes scary things.

This leads to us never being able to perform at the level we are capable. For this first post I want to keep it short. Let that concept sink it. And get ready for more to come. 

Thanks for reading.


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