Fear of Opinions: An Introduction to FOPO

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Take a second and check in on something for me...

How many times in a day do you do something slower, safer, or not at all because of fear of other people's opinions?

At The Boost Institute we have been teaching and working in the area of fear, and it's limitations on development, for the last five years.

When Dr.Michael Gervais (Seattle Seahawks, Compete to Create, Finding Mastery) first introduced the term FOPO to me on his Finding Mastery podcast it instantly became a staple.

The cousin to the popular FOMO (fear of missing out) FOPO (fear of people's opinions) is arguably the biggest reason we don't continue to grow.

The first step to defeating it is becoming more aware. Your breath. Your focus. Your energy.

So I ask again: "How many times in a day does your FOPO hold you back?"

Once you've answered, we have begun.

Stay tuned for part 2...


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