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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I've never been in a school where I don't feel that the majority of the teachers are extremely passionate about their students and what they do.

Speaking in various elementary, middle, and high schools there are many examples of teachers giving everything they have to educate.

But curriculum doesn't allow that passion to shine. Fixed mindset blocks it. Fear of change and failure kills it.

When was the last time we really changed education to match the digital age? Not just by reading and writing on computers but by understanding that ACCESS to the content is not the goal.

Wanting to access it, wanting to learn, wanting to grow is the thing we have to teach and foster now.

What makes you unique? Well let's teach you how to make that work in today's world. Let's teach you how to expand it.

Let's teach you how to shatter the glass ceiling that exists on whatever you believe in.

If all our educators had more freedom to do that, and less restriction in how to work it into curriculum guidelines, we would probably find a lot of new and untapped potential that we'd previously overlooked.

The learner who loves to paint but hates classrooms doesn't drop out.

The learner who loves to skateboard but hates large social groups doesn't hide in a shell.

The learner who is

passionate about math but is failing in science and English still can succeed.

The learner who loves carpentry or welding or cars can learn in those settings instead of needing to access the content the same as someone who loves books?

Don't they deserve an environment where their effort and their passion HELPS THEM succeed in multiple realms?

Isn't this the real reason why we educate?


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