Implementing Change

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

It's important that we go beyond just saying things. Putting it on social media, rhyming some words, making an acronym can have an impact sure. But when you post it on your wall, save it on your phone, say it to your employees, athletes, family, or students how do you know it's doing anything?

There is a simple answer: You measure it.

With time, patience, and commitment to your goal the change will occur. Not as a direct linear path, but as a winding road with peaks and valleys.

Attached is a step by step infographic on moving through change and growth in a way that can be measured. You can also check out our detailed methodology of measuring growth and change by looking at Lesson 21.

When we talk about the time, patience, and commitment that it takes in order to get meaningful growth we are going to require the foundation of learning: PASSION.

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Find some learning, teach and apply it, measure it, learn, repeat.


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