What You Can't Measure in Sport...And Why You're Wrong

On January 28th.2021 Sportsnet wrote about the Toronto Blue Jays trading for New York Mets pitcher Stephen Matz in an article on their website.

In that same article, they also stated a line commonly heard in sport, business, and many other areas where "fit" is an important component of success.

"We can’t quantify Matz’s work ethic or value as a teammate just yet"

This is something we hear quite often when we initially meet those interested in levelling up their team or business. The fun part about being involved with Boost Innovation, is that we can actually quantify this.

We start by identifying key components of the team's culture, combining them with our proprietary data coding methods, and building an "ideal" profile. After that, we perform gap analysis in order to judge the differences between this candidate and the ideal (probably not real) candidate.

This research is something we can, and do, apply to sport team recruitment, hiring, promotions, and much more for people all over the world.

So maybe give us a call Ross. If you give us access to the information, we will tell Matz's value as a teammate.


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