Mental Self Defense

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Let me start by saying that this is not a physical defense article,I am not an expert on protecting yourself from physical harm, and I am not a psychologist.

This is self defense against external and internal stimuli that can cause our learning to be delayed, slowed down, or even completely stopped, in multiple learning arenas.

Tony Blauer has some absolutely awesome stuff on weaponizing the startle-flinch response that is incorporated in his work with Blauer Tactical Systems, specifically the SPEAR System and using it to protect yourself, and I would encourage you to look at this and, honestly, all of his stuff. He's beyond legit, I follow him closely and really enjoy learning from him in the physical, mental, and social-emotional sense. An added plus is...he's pretty damn funny, and was a guest on our show.

When he talks about physically defending yourself, it stretches well beyond just how you move and what you do. It moves into a realm that is extremely holistic and uses all the body's responses in learning and application of self defense.

While having a conversation with him on our show

"Real Learning with Real People" I got to thinking about defending ourselves against learning barriers, both internal and external.

It didn't take long to connect some dots to Tony's stuff, and I made an effort to combine some of his work with Noam Chomsky's (Intellectual Self Defense) and Carol Dweck's (Mindset), namely:

1) All of human history, combined with modern society and our reptilian brain, have led us to reactions that are designed to protect ourselves from looking or feeling like we "don't know".

2) When we are introduced to something we've never done or we receive critical/negative feedback (in all of it's forms) our brain's response is well practiced and chemical in nature.

3) In response to the above stimuli, we will experience varying intensity of chemical response which creates physical symptoms, and are expressed as emotional response.

4) We can't stop the chemicals, but we can manage the physical symptoms and express different and/or more measured emotional response.

5) This management:

-Takes constant training and patience.

-Will vary depending on intensity or familiarity with the stimuli from point #2.

-Requires strong Fundamental Learning Skills leading to a high level of Learning Literacy

-Is multi-dimensional.

-Is based on science, period.

This is what we at The Boost Institute call The Learning Fuse, or self defense for learning and growth.

Combine specific techniques that allow us to take control of the physiological effects with the Fundamental Learning Skills and a high level of Learning Literacy and you'll be set up to keep barriers to your learning and growth at bay regardless of the scenario.

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