Can't Miss Lessons On Fear From George Orwell and George Lucas

So many read George Orwell's 1984 or watch George Lucas' Star Wars and see lessons on oppression, limitation of rights, and restrictions on individual freedoms.

War is definitely not peace. Slavery is definitely not freedom. Ignorance is definitely not strength.

But there's so much information on the work of George Orwell and George Lucas that really connects in the year 2020.

What if they were trying to teach us about the power of fear, while also going deeper into things like:

The power of the fear of fear.

The old saying is that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Meanwhile, there is a lot of talk of fear of the powers at be USING fear as a means to control.

Looking back on George Orwell's most famous work there is a deeper message:

The power of individual filtration of ideas.

And looking back on George Lucas' most famous work there is a message that:

Everyone has more to them than we see on the surface.

(Except the storm troopers who are just the worst shots in the history of people shooting at things)

So what we can take from that is that if we all build habits and capacity to filter the information available, check it against tested hypotheses, and determine our own opinions than we should be set up for three key things:

  1. The capacity to debate freely and without violence.

  2. The capacity for empathy for people who disagree with us.

  3. The resilience to challenge, change, and imposition of fear as a means to control.

So really, when learning and growth are at the centre of everyone's goals, we may diverge in our opinion...but we will also likely achieve more together.

Opinions that differ from your own, hate you shall not.


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