Reading Books

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I'm in a stretch of reading more and more books on content that I know nothing or very little about. I want to learn about time, I want to learn about space and things that I currently know nothing about. And then I want to share it. It's like telling a university student that they should take an elective that has nothing to do with their major. Then for the rest of our lives we only major in what we like.

'We only learn what we like and what we know. We only expose ourselves to to what's safe, not what grows.'

There is something exciting about having to go back and forth and re-read something...then finally figuring it out! It's an amazing feeling, it's better than reading content you know. Much better. 

Also, it was recommended to me that I have blogs that are three paragraphs long. That way they are long enough that people will see that I was invested in it, but not so long that it will intimidate people.


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