Boost Professional Mentoring

Go further, together.

Looking for work?

Changing your path?

Recent grad?


Use our self exploration, resumé building, interview, and network tools to give yourself an advantage nobody else has.

Overwhelmed at practice?

In the classroom?

All the time?


Work through our proven method that's been used by over 100 young adults in a 1on1 setting to perform better, get better grades, and feel better doing it. 


Improve your play, your grades, and your wellness today.

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Young Adults

What you get:

  • Six 1on1 mentorship sessions that last 1 hour each

  • We will work through 6 proven sections of our mentorship model for athletes:​​

    • Introduction and self check in​

    • The root of learning

    • Understanding control

    • Emotional regulation

    • Preparation and planning

    • Stress and performance

  • All sessions are targeted to your needs based on our last 3 years of data collection, no two sessions are the same.

  • Can add additional sessions if desired

  • Cost: $150/hour (plans available)

Finding you work by building you AND your job search skills.


Job Seekers

What you get:

  • Three hours of 1on1 consultation and training that includes:

    • "Uncovering My Secret Skills​" & "Building Using My Passion" Training

    • Interview and networking skills training

  • Complete evaluation and revamp of resume and cover letter.

  • Cost: $300 (plans available)

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