I created this to honor the memory of Frank and Edith Kidson. Two of the most selfless people I've ever met, and my grand parents on my mother's side. 


To provide means to youth to participate in sport and fitness by connecting local partners with local youth in need in order to facilitate their positive development through wellness and mentoring.


On approved application, we will fund one of the following to as many youth as possible:

-1 year gym membership for youth to build fitness, confidence, and community.
-1 year club fees and shoes for youth to participate in sport (with preference given to basketball).
-1 new pair of shoes for their respective sport (with preference given to basketball)

All of the above  come with a mandatory 12 month mentorship component where the youth will be required to meet with their assigned local mentor once a month minimum.  Applications are accepted throughout the year and are distributed at my discretion.

The hope is that this project will help provide opportunity, mentorship, and direction for youth who otherwise wouldn't have these opportunities in the communities that I have lived and/or worked in. We will give preference to returning applicants who continue to demonstrate financial need with the hope of continuing to build youth into adulthood where possible.

I am excited to do this in order to honor the memory of my grandparents and the values they taught me and hope to have a small impact on their behalf. 


We put the person we are training at the centre of everything. Igniting their desire to learn first, then building their knowledge of how to improve themselves in all parts of life.

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