Effective. Relatable. Entertaining.

These conversations are with real people, unscripted and designed to pull tidbits of information from people who are grinding right now to get the most out of life. With minimum editing and maximum authenticity, we hope to provide lessons that anybody will find effective, relatable AND entertaining.


We seek to have guests that provide learning that's based on their life experiences. Some of guests are chosen because of their experience as high performer in sport, business, or education. Other guests have been chosen because they have meaningful lessons to teach, and I wanted to make sure they had the platform to share it with the world.


Language in these videos is sometimes mature, as I'm always encouraging my guests to just be themselves. This is all part of making sure we do our best to give you content that is both authentic and effective and that you feel like you can utilize the real learning, and connect with these real people.


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