First, we educate about the human mind, how it responds to stress, challenge, and change and how you can use your own physical reactions more effectively.

We then have a set of tools that we teach that enhance learning and performance.

Finally, we measure all of that to prove it works using our growth equation.

The Boost Institute
Core Values.

Learning should not just involve providing content these days. We believe it needs to involve the distribution of PASSION in a science-based, data-driven, and artistically delivered way.

If you're paying thousands of dollars or investing a huge amount of hours, then you deserve to have someone standing at the front who makes you CARE, help you LEARN, and provides all the tools so that you can PERFORM.

Boosting Businesses

Sometimes a business "gets it" and sometimes it does not. 

Improving bottom line starts with learning and performance measures that build your people and your teams. 

When we consult with your business we do so using three key tools:

Performance Mindset Training​


KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Evaluation


Change Management and Resiliency Certificate

Stop paying premium prices for discount results. 

All of our training is driven by science and data that creates learning that is effective and impactful, while being delivered in an artistic way that is always tailored directly to you and your business.

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Many schools are discussing and promoting things like growth mindset, resiliency, and grit. 

These are important concepts, and they cannot simply be discussed or displayed.


We deliver industry leading and high quality training in schools that target three equally important but separate groups:

  • Students

  • Faculty

  • Administration


Our data shows that delivery to any one of these groups, while still valuable, is not nearly as impactful as threading through all three in some capacity.

All our school training is specifically designed by our team of experienced professionals to have curriculum with specific outcomes that are engaging for all  those involved. 

Do not let anyone tell you they can walk out of a workshop having "taught resiliency" or "given you more grit". 

These are skills that must be fostered and practiced and we provide a launchpad for that with interactive activities and worksheets that will help with effective practice of growth mindset, resiliency, and grit moving forward.

All of our education delivery plans are designed to be affordable on a district, school, or class basis as we never want to price anyone out of our content. 

Contact us to learn about how we can fit your budget for improving the practice of growth mindset, resiliency, and grit in your school(s). 



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