"I am a big believer that pain is a necessary precursor to all growth. When I lost my grandmother, a children's book was read at the funeral, and it transformed the way I saw this kind of life change. The book shared a perspective that one's departure does not equate to one's absence. A person may leave this earth, but they are still able to watch over the people on it –– the same way a dragonfly will leave its aquatic home yet still be able to fly over the water and see into it.

This concept was the best I have ever heard, and ever since, the dragonfly became a theme for my family to remember loved ones. Family members have named cabins and boats for the dragonfly, many have gotten tattoos of it, and many have gifted dragonfly jewelry. So when I wanted to start a business that created change, innovation, and positive impact for people's lives, I wanted the dragonfly on my business."

- Ken King

In addition to these very personal reasons, the dragonfly, a symbol of transformation and growth, embodies our vision at The Boost Institute. We believe in being agents of change, staying adaptable, and pursuing transformation in order to reach one's full potential.

Everyone is on their own journey of growth, so we have developed science-based, data-driven, and artistically delivered resources to help. We would love to give you a boost and be a part of your journey!