Boost DNA Sequencing

Built around our Fundamental Learning Skills we assess the different characteristics of the individuals in your team and build a full DNA profile of the group. 

Developed with group cohesion and performance experts, this group DNA sequence truly allows us to capture four key things aspects of your group in order to best train and enhance performance:

  • Plentiful traits in the group (performance helping and performance hurting).

  • Lacking traits in the group (performance helping).

  • Traits that can be fostered and developed from within through collaboration between members. 

  • Traits on a collision course that need to be addressed, including those with leadership. 

Boost's Growth Equation

Designed by our founder, the Growth Equation, is precisely that. It is a model that we use to evaluate factors in group/team culture in order to see actual improvement or decrease in both positive and negative aspects of culture. 

It is highly individualized to the group by integrating specific culture and performance factors in order to give the ability to evaluate and model culture over time. 

When used effectively, Boost's Growth Equation has consistently demonstrated:

  • Accurate measurement of value and mission adherence

  • Effectiveness of training over time

  • Time periods of culture problems and the reverse ability to identify which areas are the problem.



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