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Youth of Ogden Disruption Alliance

Mission: Build our community by challenging youth to create and implement a project that benefits where they live. 


We work with our youth to develop as people by teaching life skills through producing something positive. 


Participants have freedom to create one project per cohort that will benefit the Ogden community.


Though The Boost Institute operates & organizes the projects, the responsibility for the overall success rests with the cohort. 


We provide invaluable experience that goes well beyond what our participants learn in school. 

The 4 Pillars of Y.O.D.A

What Is YODA?

YODA is a project run by The Boost Institute as a way to build the community that our Founder and CEO lives in. 


We accept applications from parents, guardians, and teachers twice a year for youth aged 14-17 to be a part of a 5 person cohort for 8 weeks. 

In these 8 weeks the cohort will create (from scratch) and implement a project that benefits the community as a whole, with the support of The CEO and the rest of the Boost Innovation team.

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